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3.0 Methodology 3.1 Research Design The purpose of this case study is to identify and understand the difficulties experienced by the students regarding the minimal introduction of Blackboard Learn as the new Learning Management System of Malayan Colleges Laguna, and to help these students to maximize and utilize the capabilities that BBL offers through producing video tutorials that will supplement the current videos that MCL LEI has provided. This research utilized the case study design because it is focused on examining an existing phenomenon and within its everyday perspective. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research will be utilized in conducting this case study. The quantitative research will be used to measure the incidence…show more content…
MCL is a private, non-sectarian, and wholly owned subsidiary of Mapúa Institute of Technology. MCL is among the first major institutions to branch out from the National Capital Region and set up campus in the burgeoning Southern Luzon, bringing along its best practices in education management and implementation. Intended to extend the quality of education Mapúa has been known for, MCL has since set its sights on being a center of excellence for science and technology education in the region, with its excellent facilities, technologically advanced and information technology-integrated…show more content…
The remaining 25 will have an important role in this study. They will be asked about their opinions regarding their usage of the blackboard learn and also the interview questions prepared by the researchers. For this part of the study, researchers will use in-depth to collect the data. The data will be recorded with smart phones and then will be transcribed. The interview will last for about 20-30 minutes per batch. After the data has been gathered, from the surveys and interviews, the researchers will analyze the results. These results will the guide the researchers in the making of the video. Most stated problems and difficulties of the students will be addressed in the video. The tutorial video/s will be given to the LEI’s list of bottom five professors. These professors will play it on the first meeting of the start of the third trimester after the course introduction and orientation, where the 25 interviewees are included in these

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