Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Mail

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E-mail is an electronic message send from one machine to another. Both personal as well as business-related messages with attachments like pictures or documents can be sent or received. In the network, each machine reads the e-mail address and routes it to another machine until it reaches its destination. E-mail is suitable for short notes. Attachments like formatted documents or graphics cannot be sent using e-mail. But using MIME which stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension the user can send formatted documents, photos, sound files and video files as attachments. Generally, it is much more convenient and economical to send a message or document by e-mail than by the conventional mail or fax. It is also delivered much faster than…show more content…
• Once the user key-in the address and choose the send option, it gets encoded by modem and is sent through the phone line as an analog signal. • When service provider’s server recognizes the address as vaile, the mail will be sent. • Through internet, it will be received by recipient’s provider and is sent to provider’s mail server. • Finally it will be delivered to the recipient’s mail box. The data can be decoded by recipient’s modem and computer, and the user can read the e-mail message. Before sending, it is necessary to check the recipient’s address. In case of errors in address, the computer will automatically send a message informing that the mail could not be delivered properly. E-Mail- Names and Addresses E-mail is the most widely used internet resource. The e-mail message can be sent to multiple recipients. The address is used to identify a person and the computer. The basic structure of e-mail address is: username@host.subdomain.second-level-domain.first-level-domain The e-mail address is read from left to right. In this example, “alex” refers to the name of the person who sends or receives the message. It is referred to as the username. “poboxes” refer to the domain name of the organization. “com” refers to commercial
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