Advantages Of White Box Testing

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In this article, we analysed two types of method that mostly used for software testing, White Box Testing and Black Box Testing. White Box Testing is a software testing process to check the logical errors of coding, design, implementation and internal structure in the program. It is mainly used to strengthening security, identify the correctness, completeness and the flow of inputs and outputs through the program. Besides that, it is also a process to improve the quality, design and usability of a program [8]. White Box Testing is often used due to its high effective in detecting and identifying the bugs before they cause trouble. White Box Testing is also known as White Box Analysis, Clear Box Testing or Clear Box Analysis [9]. This method…show more content…
White Box Testing is used for security testing mainly to validate the code implementation in the intended design, implemented security functionality, and to uncover exploitation vulnerabilities of a network system [10]. Besides security testing, White Box Testing can be used for other development especially for analysis requirement, test cases and designing [11]. The advantages of using White Box Testing included: i) Every possible paths in the module will be tested at least once during the testing process, ii) Every logical decision in the code will be tested, iii) All the loops found in the boundaries will be executed, iv) All internal data structures will be tested to maintain their validity [10]. Two techniques of White Box Testing that are always being used are Static White Box Testing and Structural White Box Testing [11]. The main purpose of Static White Box Testing is to check accordingly to the functional requirements, design, coding standards, error handling and all functionalities covered [11]. Examples of Static White Box Testing techniques are Desk Checking, Code Walkthrough and Formal…show more content…
This method can be used without having the knowledge of internal code structure, implementation details and internal paths of the application [8]. Despite knowing the source code of the system, tester needed to understand the system architecture well [8]. Black Box Testing is tested mainly based entirely on the software output requirements, and specifications without knowing the knowledge of the internal source code of that software [9]. On the other side, all applications or devices can be tested which internal workings are not understood by the user [9]. Black Box Testing is a technique that just focusing on the inputs and outputs which doesn’t explain how it works [9]. Basically Black Box Testing performing tests which are related to functional requirements of a program [10]. During the testing progress, Black Box Testing will search for all the errors which is: Incorrect or missing functions, Interface errors, Errors in data structures or external database access, Errors in performance and Errors about initialization and termination [10]. The advantages of using White Box Testing included: i) Number of test cases will be reducing to achieve reasonable testing, ii) Number of test cases will show whether there is a presence or absence of classes of errors [10]. Black Box

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