Blind Follower Speech

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Blind Follower I asked my friend, Reem, “What is that thing on your neck?” Reem replied with a big smile on, “Owh It’s my new tattoo. Last week, I saw Maher AlKhaja posted a picture on Instagram with a tattoo on his neck, so I decided to get a temporary one that looks like his. Do you like it?” I asked her, “And do you know what the bad effects of having a tattoo are?” Reem carelessly answered, “No.” I said, “Girl, this tattoo could cause skin cancer. You should check for the side effects before you do a thing like this.” Reem answered,” Well, I don’t care. Since Maher has one, I am sure that there are no side effects.” Four years before, Reem discovered a program called “Take a break with Maher AlKhaja”. It is a talk show broadcasted on…show more content…
Today I am talking about some basics and rules that it might change in the future. Not everything I said in take a break is concluded with red tape and will last forever. I don’t want anybody to see me as something big to follow. Who is watching me today, take the features you that you like from me and learn things that you need to learn from me. (AlKhaja) I thought a lot about how I could wake this girl up, probably showing her another role model is a good idea, but I am afraid of this situation to become worse, she became addicted to the new one and the story repeat itself again with a different hero. I might let her discover herself and abilities by trying a new activities or hobbies, so she can get busy of monitoring Maher until she started to forget him. It also a good idea to encourage her to read about motivation book or stories, this could help her to look out for other sources of these subjects since she likes to develop herself more. Finally, I think the most suitable solution is following the famous saying “Solve it using what used to be the problem”; and I mean by that if she thinks all what do Maher do is right and should follow, I can talk to her nicely again and explain that no one is 100% completed, we should take the benefit from what it’s suitable for us and leave what isn’t using that episode (77) of his talk show since she believes in his
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