Black Market Arguments

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Black markets have many positive and negative arguments; however, it is important to that the United States legalizes the sale of human organs. People every age, gender, and sex receive donations. It not the organ disease or failure that kills innocent citizens, it the process of waiting. As mentioned previously, some individuals have to wait for organ transplants for long periods of time. These individuals can be compared to prisoners in a penitentiary. Patients have to wait to be added to the waiting list just like prisoners have to wait to be sentenced. Patients have to stay on that list for long periods of time just like prisoners have to serve their sentence. There is no definite answer as to whether that patient will actually receive…show more content…
Anything that is done incorrectly will turn out the wrong way. For this reason, we have to make the organ black markets righteous. The U.S. has to come up with policies and guidelines to make the sale of human organs legal. Many individuals think that black markets are only a figure of imagination, but they are not. Legal black markets will save lives of individuals, eliminate illegal sales the present black market, and it will provide additional income for donors. By making black markets official desperate donors will meet desperate recipients. Also various individuals have the chance to be lifted out of debt. Donors can be paid thousands of dollars! As mentioned previously gang members around the world illegally obtain organs. If the United States wants to honestly ensure the safety of its citizens, we have to make it safer. Who wants to be spending millions on prisoners? We can decrease the amount of money we spend on prisoners, by decreasing the amount that are thrown into jails. If we make the illegal donation process legal, there is no need for our citizens to participate in the illegal acts. Let us help ourselves by helping…show more content…
The same thing applies to doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals. The donor receives nothing while the professionals are getting paid an outstanding check for surgically transplanting organs. One has to stop consider where the kidney actually came from. A donor makes the entire process possible. Would a waiting list even exist if it were not for a donor? Would a transplant exists if it were not for a donor? One may think that it is a righteous act to give; however, it is not wise to give if one does not have anything to spare. The United States has to swallow the fact that some families are in need of money as well as some families are in need of life. The citizens of the U.S. should have the final say of whether their bodies are important not the wealthy individuals who have not endured what it really is to suffer day by day. Life is a valuable asset; however, the most valuable asset is a healthy life. No one can insure the quality of this but the owner of that life. The U.S. gives hope to many situations. For example, gay marriage. It is time to realize that there is no other choice for individuals that are in need for

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