Argumentative Essay Against Gun Control

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A study from the Journal of Quantitative Criminology found that, “ U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year” ( just-facts). Gun control in America has been a popular and controversial topic since the founding of the nation. In recent years the topic of it has made a resurgence in popularity with the majority of citizens and the two main political parties, split over its effectiveness. This has caused Americans to publish studies and lobby their governments to pass bills that will increase or decrease the government’s hand in controlling firearms. While many people use emotion to back up their pro-control argument say it will save lives, others use statistics about shootings, violent crime involving guns, and self-defense to defend their claim. More gun control in the United States would not be effective because: it would create a larger black market, it would disarm law-abiding citizens, it would violate the second…show more content…
The simple fact is that average American does not have time to wait for the police in an emergency. They need a means to defend themselves and the best way to do so is to have a firearm. Liberals will try to convince you that the police is supposed to protect you when in reality, only you are responsible for your own safety. Like I said the best way to defend yourself is not by waiting for the police to come and protect you. It is to become familiar with a personal firearm for your protection that is purchased legally. Then the best thing to do is become familiar with it by taking classes. Citizens being able to protect yourself was stressed by our founding fathers in the constitution. This brings us to our next point of more gun control violating the 2nd amendment of the US

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