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In today’s dates, purchasing and shopping at big malls is becoming daily activity. There is huge rush at such places during weekends. People purchase different items and put them in trolley, after that for paying the bill one has to wait in queue at the payment counter. In this paper, we are working on the idea to saves customers time by providing automatic billing system using Android application to avoid standing in queue at billing counter. In this system trolley is attached with an RFID reader and an android display which is connected through Bluetooth. The products are attached with the RFID tag. Purchasing product information will be read by RFID reader and the product information will get stored in the database at the Cloud. The bill…show more content…
The motive behind the advancement in technology is to minimize task and make daily life easier and faster. It is found that, human beings are spending considerable amount of time in shopping. According to the survey on shopping, approximately most of the human spend 1.5 hours daily. Large numbers of customer walk out from queue, if the queue is very long. Present shopping environment can be divided into two class 1) Shopping in-person 2) Shopping in- absentia. Shopping in-absentia include online shopping, tele-shopping etc where the shopper or customer does not have to present physically. Shopping in-person involves a personal visit of a person to the malls, super market. The smart trolley concept intends to assist shopping in-person which will help the human to minimize the amount time spent in shopping. The proposed system is based on four technologies: 1) RFID tag for product identification 2) Wi-Fi for achieving wireless communication with…show more content…
Android's program is principally supported direct manipulation, using bit gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, sound and pinching, to control on-screen objects, beside a virtual keyboard for text input. In addition to the touch screen devices, Google has additional developed android TV for televisions, android motorcar for cars and android Wear for gliding joint watches, every with a specialized user interface. Variants of android are also used on notebooks, desktop game consoles, digital cameras, and different electronics II. LITERATURE SURVEY I. Amine Kampuche in "Aisle-level Scanning for Pervasive RFID-based Shopping Applications" [1] proposed a system that scan dynamic and static products using RFID Reader antennas. Aisle-level RFID observation is performed, instead of conducting the scanning at the level of individual carts. II. Satish Kamble in "Developing a Multitasking searching trolley car supported RFID Technology" [2] projected to develop a system that facilitate someone in terms of less time consume whereas buying, in everyday searching. the most objective of projected system is to supply a technology directed, low-cost, simply ascendible, and rugged system for aiding shopping in

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