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Survey of Digital Watermarking Techniques and applications Abstract: Introduction: History of Digital Watermarking: Firstly, we will start with the term watermarking, and then with the digital watermarking Watermarks are some kind of identification marks which appeared more than 700 years ago in Italy during the process of paper making, then their use spread quickly in Europe. These marks were used in order to identify the paper maker who manufactured the paper. They predominantly were formed by a wire stitched onto the paper template. Then the watermark continued to be used in present as a mark of manufacturer in order to prohibit forgery, Paper Watermark was an ideal technique to exclude any confusion from which factory paper is and what are the parameters for that. Legal power of watermarks has been demonstrated in 1887 in France…show more content…
Blindness ( Oblivious) In digital watermarking, the term blindness is used to define the detection and extraction processes. The degree of blindness helps in characterize the watermark into blind, non-blind or semi blind. Digital watermarking technique is said to be blind if it doesn’t need the original media to recover the watermark from the watermarked media, the watermarking technique known as non-blind technique, if it is require the original media for extracting the watermark from the watermarked media. The non-blind watermarking techniques are more robust than blind watermarking techniques because of the availability of original cover media at the time of detection. 3. Reversibility (or Invertibility or lossless-ness): It is a computational property of watermarking, it describes the potential of produce the original data through the retrieval of watermark. 4. Robustness: Robustness means that the watermark embedded has the ability of lasting after a number of processing attacks and operations. The watermark must be robust enough for general signal processing operations, geometrical transformation and pernicious

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