Voltaire's Philosophy Of Philosophy

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INTRODUCTION: Mankind has from the beginning of time been searching for answers to satisfy their continuous questioning mind. Philosophers for centuries have pursued and are still in relentless pursuit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge about our world, behavior and reasons concerning our very own existence. For centuries philosophers have been coming up with answers about the world and life as we know it through critical and analytical thinking which have endeavored to solve long pondering problems. Socrates was one of history's most famous philosophers and he inspired the likes of Plato who contributed greatly to the study of philosophy. CONTENT: Socrates attitude about philosophy centered around what is good and the relative intuition…show more content…
He stresses that happiness is attained when we are ignorant. We don't think and ask questions or ponder about life and reality or seek the truth for which comes wisdom but only to just accept what we are told and live a life of falsehood limiting us from becoming the true empowered individual which only wisdom and knowledge can allow us to be. Living the life of such an average individual can bring happiness but it's a happiness based on the limited knowledge and wisdom for which he, Voltaire, could never be contented with as he searches for the truth and the wisdom that accompanies it. Voltaire believes that one should always questioning and thinking critical about general aspects of life and his or her own existence as there is truly no real happiness in the bliss of…show more content…
If you examine this stated notion then you must see the comparability with the old woman spoken of in Voltaire's suggestion who is satisfied with the life she lived without knowledge and thought to herself as being a happy woman as she considered what she was doing with her life was good so she understandably presumed that she was happy but had she been properly educated like Socrates suggested then she would have not been happy with the life she lived. Socrates and Voltaire's notions sees living life without questioning, reasoning and deliberate thinking as living a life of illusions. It also must be noted that Socrates used inductive method to develop universal definitions which is also the same with Voltaire as he used an inductive approach to draw his conclusion from the Good Brahmin's

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