Beyond The Finish Line Analysis

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Aracely Fernandez Mrs. Murray English 111 12/3/14 Beyond the Finish Line Josh Haner job was to make the readers feel like part of Jeff Bauman recovery. Bauman was waiting to see his girlfriend when the bombs went off. Then his Boston marathon began. With all his strenght and balance improving Bauman no longer needed a slide board (shown in back of his wheelchair). The picture focus more in Bauman, his chair, and his own strength, you can see thecontrast of the room, the left side is darker than the right, which symbolyses that in dark days there is always sunny days, and Bauman is almost reaching his good days. You can see that the side of the bed is darker, but as he makes his way to the wheelchair the light starts to appear and light up the room. It also symbolyses that as Buaman gets off bed his dark and sad days are over, and as he moves to the lighter side . The fact that he is alone in the picture, it catches more attention and shows that he moved on all on his own. Beyond the Finish Line provides an excellent example of visual composition, it has the perfect balance of images and the contrast colors of the background draws attention and creates a mood of sucees and happier days. It also appeals to the audience in an emotional way, that catches attention and shows authoruty. The story…show more content…
There is no emotion showed by Bauman in the picture, but the background contrast color show his emotions, it also shows character mainly because we see him moving from the bed go his wheelchair all by himself. The appeals showed in the picture are not false, because the picture shows real emotions and it has a real story behind it. It has a cause and effect, the cause is the Boston marathon bombing and the effect is the lost of both of his
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