Arguments Against Moon Colonization

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Moon colonization, the very idea whips up images of interconnected biodomes, hovercrafts cruising the pockmarked surface, and ships zooming to Earth and back again. The moon is the only planetary object whose features can be seen without the aid of a telescope. It's also the closest object to our planet large enough for humans to inhabit. We have the technology to get there and the innovative thinking to be successful. When considering long-term space exploration and living, building a moon colony is the next logical step. Humans have been fascinated with the moon for millennia. The moon is the single most looked at object besides the sun, and that’s only because the sun “rules the day”. The moon’s surface is more than likely ice cold and…show more content…
The U.N. Outer Space Treaty declares the moon and other celestial bodies to be the "province of mankind." With the moon open to explorations by all nations, no one state can claim sovereignty. Every country would be able to send elites or however they decided on who went to live on the moon. Laws would be hard to make with every contributing country to the moon colonization adding its own changes, acceptance and even their declinations on the laws. The fact that a moon colony would need to be self-sufficient is perhaps stating the obvious. When you're 240,000 miles away from Earth, you would want to be prepared when it comes to necessities like food and water. Space explorers have been found to believe that the moon has pockets of frozen water that could be unfrozen into bodies of water that would be essential to life on the moon. If this is true then we could use these lakes to help create an atmosphere suitable soil for crops and eventually for livestock. When we get that far, if we get that far, we can perfect the art of planetary

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