Iraq's Triangle Of Death Summary

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“Black Heartsː One Platoon’s Descent Into Madness in Iraq’s Triangle of Death”, a book written by Jim Frederick telling the story of a company of soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division 502nd Infantry Regiment’s deployment in Iraq in 2005. I really enjoyed the way the characters were introduced to the reader. The main characters were introduced throughout the book in a way that allowed for the reader to connect early on in the book. This connection to the character kept me interested in the book and gave a sense of grief or understanding for what these soldiers went through. Fredericks was very meticulous with the information he collected through countless interviews, note of court room proceedings and even withdrew documents. I enjoyed this…show more content…
NCO’s and Officers were both to blame. Your soldiers are who you are. You sent the example, you sent the standard. I believe the main source of the problem was LTC Kunk, more specifically his relationship with his Company Commanders. There was no trust, no communication, and no flexibility. Kunk did not look to take care of his men or place himself in his soldier’s shoes. Mission has to be complete but something’s are just impossible. He broke ever basic principle of communication and team work possible. He had no one to check his authority and he ran his Battalion as so, as a tyrant. Commanders came to him for help, explained they lacked the assets and basic man power to complete missions. He did not look to gather information to better prepare for operations, all plans were just his. His leadership method led his subordinate leaders to become tiresome and most likely more stressed out. The weak bound between LTC Kunk and his Company Commanders leaked and poisoned the rest of the leadership relationships all the way down to the squads. Team members resented their leaders because they felt they weren’t being fought for. They were getting blown up, shot at and killed every day without the proper support. If you take care of your soldiers, your soldiers will take care of you. What do you do when your commander is preventing

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