Identity In Brave New World

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By the end of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley showed the world the dangers of a society similar to the New World. “Community, Identity, Stability” is purportedly the World State motto and the prime goals of this “utopian” society. When each person has a sense of purpose, or artificial identity and feels that his/her identity is a part of a community then the perfect stable society is created. Sacrifices also had to be made; freedom, individuality, science, religion, high art, and truth had to be sacrificed for happiness, comfort, and stability. The second half of the book showed John’s difficult life adjusting in the civilization. All the upper caste of London fawned over John, for they never met anybody from the outside world. He is new and…show more content…
Bernard’s true character becomes exposed after returning from the Reservation with John and Linda; instead of being a victim, he is actually a coward. When Bernard returned from the Reservation, the Director was ready to make a public example of him even though he is an excellent worker since his behavior threatens the society. This evinces how sacrificing one individual for the greater good of the society is no great loss since the Hatchery can create dozens of new babies. He uses John to ameliorate his position, both socially and sexually, causing his ego to grow. As a result, this was the beginning of his downfall, except this time without another savage to save him. During the riot, he even ran to the gas-masked police trying to seem as if he wasn’t taking part and even tried to escape, which was quite pathetic. In due time, John soon becomes disillusioned with the wonders of the world and feels antipathy towards the society, but remains adamant about his beliefs. For example, when Bernard blamed him for his own problems, John stated that unhappiness would be better than having the false happiness that the people of the New World have. It is clear that a plethora of soma is used by every citizen as a panacea to all their problems which caused
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