Nonverbal Communication And Culture Essay

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Nonverbal Communication and Culture Academic Writing Authors Name Institutional affiliation Explain why you picked the different culture that you are researching. How do you interact with that culture on a regular basis? Non-verbal communication is known as communication that takes place without any kind of work which is ceaseless. It is a unique form of communication in relation to the individual to individual and particularly starting with one culture then onto the next. Different cultures in the world have different forms of non-verbal communication. As there are contrasts in implications of non-verbal communication, miscommunication can happen when between social individuals impart. I have picked up Japanese culture. Although Japanese culture is quite different compared to American culture but there are some similarities. Like in Japanese culture, eye contact is considered rude, even on a regular basis, I don’t make eye contact. In American and Japanese culture, saying cheese during taking a picture is common, even on regular basis I say cheese. Compare and contrast the different cultures.…show more content…
When compared with the USA, in Japan individuals are more reserved. In American, perfect client benefit is warm but in Japan, it is considered to be more formal. American culture is known for having the right to speak freely and the essential ideal to address specialist. Japanese culture, in contrast with the US, is significantly more progressive. Japanese older folks order regard and their insight into the family is profoundly esteemed. However, when we look at their cultural similarities, they both prefer to get married in a church. The school system in both nations is excellent and requires to take second dialect lectures at school. The traffic signs of both nations are in

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