Narrative Essay About Taeyeon

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Taeyeon's POV An hour of student orientation later, our teacher for the second period allowed Tiffany and Jessica to take the transferees, which are only me and Yuri, around the academy after introducing ourselves to the class as Sooyoung ended up chatting with us instead of doing the job. After a few more hours of chatting with new classmates and teachers, lunch time finally arrived. My stomach have been growling for a while now. Yuri and I went to the humongous cafeteria which is currently filled with students chatting, gossiping, and sharing stories about how they spent their vacation. "There are no tables left, Taeng. Let's go to the park, we can just sit on the grass if there are no vacant tables there, too." Yuri suggested…show more content…
Yoona got a Totoro plushie from a claw machine. She was about to give it to Taeyeon but Tiffany wants it too. "Okay. Let's have a basketball competition, the one who gets the higher score will have this Totoro plushie!" Sooyoung announced. "It's okay, Tiffany can have it." Taeyeon said. However, Tiffany, being competitive as she is, insisted to continue the competition. Taeyeon and Tiffany played the basketball game. Yuri, Sooyoung, and Yoona are cheering for Taeyeon while Sunny and even the usually quiet Seohyun turned into a party animal and cheered for Tiffany. They were jumping around and they are so loud. Looking around, I see people were looking at us like we just escaped from a mental hospital but we didn't care. We don't mind whatever they're doing so why should they? As expected, Tiffany lost the competition but Taeyeon still gave the plushie to Tiffany who gladly accepted it, giving Taeyeon a hug. Seohyun must've noticed that I'm not playing any games so she forced me to play and how can I say no when she's showing me her puppy face? When we got tired of playing games, we took group pictures at the photobooth. Formal, serious, and wacky photos were taken but most of them are

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