Universal Health Coverage Pros And Cons

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Human life has many values, and society knows that. Society must consider that whether one’s life has negative or positive moments, it still holds some sort of value. It is important for one to keep their life on a positive track and to do so, that individual must keep his or her body healthy. In order to keep the human body healthy and taken care of, health coverage is needed. Universal health coverage is the privilege for all people and all communities to receive “promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services” they need (“What Is Universal Health Coverage?”). Health coverage should ideally be affordable and also effective. There are 32 countries in the world that have universal health coverage and the United…show more content…
One important health system that is compared to the United States’ health system is Canada’s. The difference between the two health coverages has attracted immense attention throughout the years. In Canada, health insurance pays off expenses for physicians and hospital services with debts paid off by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments (Pylypchuk). The United States on the other hand has their insurance provided by both private and public companies leaving a great amount American citizens uninsured. Mexico has a very similar healthcare system to the United States. The only thing that is different between Mexico and the United States’ healthcare systems is that Mexico has universal healthcare and the United States does not. Mexico also has small private systems that build the whole program. Mexico’s healthcare system is expensive but also high-quality (“Healthcare and Education In Mexico”). Because of how unaffordable America’s health coverage is, no patients have been enrolling in the system, thus hurting doctors and physicians because if there are no patients to take care off and look after, then this leaves these doctors and other medical employees jobless. “Medicare for all” is a saying that all democrats have been saying. But how can this happen if the prices for these programs are too high for anyone in need? Congress needs make health insurance…show more content…
These Americans can say that the Affordable Care Act is worth every single penny because it gets you healthy and back on your feet as soon as possible. In Vox’s interview with former president of the United States, Barack Obama, President Obama states that if his friend’s mother had used the health coverage more often, she would have never passed away (President Barack Obama Interview). He believed that Obamacare would have kept her healthy and alive because of how great the act’s quality is. What President Obama wants Americans to do is see beyond the act’s costs. President Obama wants American citizens to realize that each life has a value and that it is worth every penny to keep that life’s value. The Affordable Care Act may seem like it does nothing but take people’s money, but the act does have some upside to it. Despite the program’s expenses and the rate in which it raises, the Affordable Care Act slows down the rise of the healthcare’s costs. It gives health insurance for millions of citizens and making it preventive care free. This simply means that individuals will get the treatment for the illness or injury they have before being rushed straight to the emergency room (Amadeo). The act also forces health insurance to cover 10 important health benefits. Without this requirement, patients will then have to be rushed to the emergency

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