The Pros And Cons Of Personalized Medicine

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Personalized medicine is a fresh but rapidly advancing field of healthcare that is informed by each person's unique clinical, genetic, genomic, and environmental information. It is about making the treatment as individualized as the disease. It involves identifying genetic, genomic, and clinical information that allows accurate predictions to be made about a person's vulnerability of the evolving disease, the progression of disease, and its response to the treatment. In order for personalized medicine to be used effectively the healthcare providers and their patients, these findings must be interpreted into exact diagnostic tests and direct therapies. Specific advantages that personalized medicine may offer patients and clinicians include:…show more content…
As a consumer we first realized the power of correlation and data science with e-commerce. By understanding a person’s biology and how they would react to an individual therapy, scientists are able to develop more direct and effective treatment choices and physicians will more precisely prescribe those…show more content…
The day of an individual’s birth, they will be provided with a full genomic sequence, which would be placed in their medical records. The information from that particular genome sequence would then be used to assist the physicians in developing a more proactive healthcare approach for a particular patient’s vulnerability to the many different diseases. The modern outset of personalized medicine, provide the tools to the physician to be more precise, searching for the very molecular makeup of each patient. Medical professionals exploring this genetic mapping of individuals are able to summarize patients, and use the information to plan out a progress of treatment that would be more in step with the way their individual body

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