To Kill A Mockingbird Conflict Analysis

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Struggles and Conflicts. Everyone has them, some more than others. They can make or break someone’s day, and change the way that person feels. Hearing about another person’s struggles can give a reader a few insights on how the situation could have been handled. Including the consequences of handling issues in different ways. Sadly the Finch kids did not have that opportunity. in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee the book sheds light on many struggles and enemies, including the struggle of growing up and what can come with it including new enemies. To Kill a Mockingbird shows all the struggles Scout and Jem face and even shows the results of their actions as a whole. One of the conflicts Jem and Scout face throughout…show more content…
After the rape case against Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell is a nuisance to everyone involved in the case, and more severely with the Finch family. Bob Ewell stalked the Judge who was present at the trial, and Tom’s widowing wife. He eventually stops bothering them, and targets the Finch family next. Scout learns that while leaving the post office one afternoon, Atticus turns the corner to see Bob Ewell, who then spits on Atticus’s face and Mr. Ewell proceeds to warn that, “I’ll [he’ll] get you [Atticus] if it takes the rest of my life” (paraphrase)(Lee 290). Mr. Ewell is obviously embarrassed about the case, so he decides to attack the main issue- the Finch family. Mr. Ewell is putting the family’s well being at stake and taking away their feeling of security. Mr. Ewell is only threatening the family because he now looks bad to the town. This is a very petty thing for an older man to do, seeing as he is a grown adult with multiple kids. Although the reader thinks he would get over it, he doesn’t, which is weird since he supposedly got what he wanted and Tom is dead. Perhaps Mr. Ewell will never get over his humiliation. What makes Bob an even worse enemy is when he attacks the kids on their way back from a Halloween party. He almost kills Scout and severely injures Jem. After being attacked by an unknown person, Scout is shaken after interrogation. The family realizes Mr. Ewell’s hatred towards the family is…show more content…
Walter hasn’t got a quarter at home to bring you, and you can’t use any stove wood.”(Lee 28) This is a major conflict because after standing up for one kid scout gets punished. It is especially harder for scout to take this lightly seeing as how Walter could not stand up for himself. It was very rude of Miss Caroline to punish scout for telling her information about another student seeing as how the student felt uncomfortable to say it himself. Another instance happened when Scout was in 3rd grade during class Cecil is reading an article about the holocaust and near the end of the argument over the subject Scout’s teacher, Miss Gates responds to Cecil, and says, “Over here(America) we don’t believe in persecuting anybody. Persecution comes from people who are prejudice.” (Lee 329) scout finds Miss’s Gates comment ironic seeing as how Miss Gates though it to was fine to send innocent Tom to jail to teach “them”(black people) a lesson because black people are “way above themselves”(Lee 331) Scout is annoyed realizes Miss Gates is being hypocritical and lying to the students. Scout has good reason to be mad at Miss Gates

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