Swot Analysis Of Tourism

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Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean near Equator. It is a part of Asia. Maldives is one of the renowned beach resorts and it is famous for its landscape and exclusive hotels and resorts. Maldives is classified as high-end, world-class retreat. Maldives offers ultimate privacy because of this Maldives attracts many rich and famous people around the world. And the above mention fact is one of the major factors, which differentiate itself from many other island resorts around it. Ultimate privacy of the island is what makes it unique. Like no other island tourism sites, Maldives main target market is towards luxury and high-end social class. In terms of demographic, Maldives targeted countries are UK, Germany and Italy and Maldives is expanding its target market to China recently. Looking at the Economic side of the country, the country depends only on the tourism industry where the tourism industry contributes 27.7% of the country’s GDP. Due to the fact…show more content…
Therefore, specifically for service industries especially island resorts such as Maldives, constructive physical evidence is a critical factor. Particularly, marketing island resorts, marketing uniquely has to depend on physical evidence as there is no other way to market the destination and due to the fact that the marketer cannot bring the island to the customers to prove what the marketer saying is true. So these type of service marketing is dependent mainly on the physical evidences since a trusting bond has to build between the marketer and the customers in order to create a successful business transaction. This section will emphasis on how physical evidences are constructed while marketing Maldives. The emphasis parts will be on the Physical Environment, Ambiance, Spatial and Corporate

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