Bonnie And Clyde Analysis

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“I hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the things that you do. I want to walk but I run back to you, that's why I hate myself for loving you” (Joan Jett). This song is one of the many references towards the notorious couple Bonnie and Clyde who met through a mutual friend in the 1930s. When they started dating in the late 1930s Clyde was sentenced to prison on counts of burglary. He was then set out on parole and rekindle things with Bonnie in 1932. They started the life of crime together in 1932. Just two years later it ended in 1934. Both of them died together on May 23, 1934 in Sailes, Louisiana. Just in those two years they had a total of 13 murders and several counts of burglary and robberies. Bonnie and Clyde were killed…show more content…
They both had a reason for doing what they did. Clyde’s was getting back at Eastham for what they had done to him which was sending him to prison. And the reason Bonnie did it was to help the man she loved and because she felt like Clyde trusted her more then he did before they were criminals. They are legendary in the music industry because when couples write songs together they always refer to themselves as the new Bonnie and Clyde. A lot of people look up to their relationship because they were by each other’s side through thick and thin. They have made a huge impact in the music industry because well known artist include them in there song for instance, G-easy, Halsey, and more. So many more have put how they are the next Bonnie and Clyde like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. People from all over the United States had mix feeling about their death. Some people where sad and others where happy to see them go. People were so fond of them that they went to the crime scene in Sailes, Louisiana to cut off Clyde’s ear and kept it as a souvenir. If Bonnie’s friend didn’t set her up with Clyde would they ever meet each other, fall in love and be known for their relationship, and

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