Persuasive Speech On Racism

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Many are to believe that because of their particular race, they are entitled to exceptional treatment and thus cannot be exposed to the severity of reality. A simple and dire concept dealing with one’s race limits their acceptance and efficiency in society. If one is to be constantly reminded that they are justified for their position on the social hierarchy-primarily the pedestal of society, they would reason that they should not compete in overcoming social and racial boundaries. The essential solution to eliminating racism and our bubble from reality is to allow racism to persist, rather encourage it, and to ignore possible racial bias in America. These measures are crucial in maintaining patriotism and one’s acceptance of reality. Evidently, one may wish to protest that such actions are as foolish as the issue it intends to resolve. To you I say, as a fellow American, (suppose that you are), you do believe that we have the task of preserving our nation's dignity, and abiding by our constitution is the most…show more content…
We should play our part by educating our future leaders the joys of prejudice. As a matter of fact, let us teach our children, the good, hidden within hatred. Let us petition for an improvement in the education of our students. Let us encourage racist academies and extracurricular activities. Let us expose our kids to what many delighted lower class workers refer to as "Reality." No longer will we sugarcoat the struggles of racial bias nor prejudice within society. By accomplishing this task, children will come to understand that racism is and always will be, a significant part of life. I am certain that children, as well as adults, will become immune to the horrors of such beautiful and thought out words, to a point that it will no longer deem any relevance towards their lives. As a result, racism will be
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