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Literature as it Leads to Sustainable Activism The Beautiful Forever sign in downtown Mumbai is a symbol of status and progress, but lying behind the sign is just one of the many slums around the Mumbai airport. Katherine Boo author of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, is a magnificent storyteller writing about the most heart-wrenching of circumstances. While reading the novel the triumphs and downfalls of the people of Annawadi can be felt through the pages. When Karam and Kahkashan are accused and later exonerated of murder charges, the reader is able to feel the emotion coming off the pages. This book details the corruption, the struggle, and the small gleams of happiness in Annawadi. Behind the Beautiful Forevers and other literary works like it, are important tools used to convey information about the problems facing various parts of the world and how these problems can be fixed using…show more content…
Forest, Sue C. Kimmel, and Kasey L. Garrison they state, “Awareness, imagination, and empathy with others who face injustice, exploitation, and conflict are necessary steps toward becoming activists who are committed to taking action to create a better world.” (153). This study came to a similar conclusion as the one previously mentioned; literature is vital to help creating change in the world. One thing that the authors say is imperative for literature to help create change is there needs to be a hero already trying to combat the injustices around them. In Behind the Beautiful Forevers there was not any one particular character who was the hero, but each character was a hero in their own way. Abdul tried to save his father from being beaten in jail and helped make a livelihood for his family. Manju taught school children out of hut even though she did not have to; her mother often threatened her if she did not stop the lessons but Manju would not. These characters are taking to first steps to create lasting change in their

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