Colin Wilson Sexism

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Colin Wilson, a man thought to be of great wisdom but really is of scandalous sexism (An examination of Colin Wilson’s quote towards the average woman) “The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.” These are Colin Wilson’s own words; however it seems that he left out one important subject, women. What is Colin Wilson trying to say about the average women? He didn’t even mention women in his quote; thus, in turn, saying that the average woman is nothing. Nothing but meaningless creatures, placed on this planet for one thing and one thing only: to serve and please men. When the question is presented, asking for an opinion over Colin Wilson‘s quote (mentioned above) and…show more content…
By not mentioning the term ‘women’ in any part of his quote, Wilson is indirectly stating that he does not believe the average women to be of equality to men. Colin Wilson is an extremely sexist man, not only does he fail to mention women in his quote, but he believes they are unequal to men. When looking at the United States’ Constitution, the Nineteenth Amendment gave women certain rights. According to the United States of America’s Constitution the Nineteenth Amendment protects women from “gender discrimination in the workplace” and also gives women the “right to vote.” With this in mind there is nothing in the entire Constitution that specifically states that women are equal to men. This example of discrimination against women is the reason way people like Colin neglect mentioning women in discussions. With the way the world is headed, life is unsatisfactory because of the poor perspicacious people that lead the world. The problem phasing America is the worst of this century, sexism in the United States of America, to…show more content…
More often than not people become what they are and are not exposed to in their early stages of life. Plato suggests that as children evolve the things that are taught and not taught to them, shape their person. Looking deeper into Plato’s ‘evolution’ it is obvious that those taught different things during their youth become those different teachings. Applying Plato’s view about adolescence evolution to Wilson’s quote, mentioned in the first paragraph, allows a deeper analysis of the quote. Without the mentioning of woman in Wilson’s quote and analyzing the quote using Plato’s view of evolution through education, one can infer that Wilson was taught the values of a sexist human at a young age. This would explain the sexism with the quote. Plato also said that women were equal to men in his dialogue titled Republic. Plato suggests that the perfect state revolves around equality between both men and women. Conformity is the result of peer pressure media inference and the disintegration of independence. Everyone feels the need to be accepted into society’s view of correctness. As I have stated previously and will now reiterate, life sucks for

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