The Magic Johnson Virus

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During a physical for the 1991-92 NBA season, Magic Johnson had tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus that leads to AIDS. He held a press conference on November 7, 1991, where he stated that he had been diagnosed with HIV and was planning to retire immediately. What first went wrong with the initial announcement of Magic’s illness was when he stated that he did not know how he contracted the virus (1991). He later said that he contracted it from having unprotected sex with a number of women during his basketball career. This was a wrong move from a public relations perspective. Magic Johnson should have immediately stated where he contracted the virus. At the time that Magic contracted HIV, he was married to his wife, Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly. This shows that Magic was not loyal to his wife because he admitted to having sexual relations with a number of different partners. At the time of his diagnosis, Magic Johnson was one of the most beloved basketball players in the United States. At only 32, he had been an NBA player for 12 seasons, 9 of which ended at the NBA finals and 5 championships. Magic’s pregnant wife, Cookie, and their unborn child became his number one priority…show more content…
At this point, there was a very small population of straight, HIV-positive men in the United States (2014). It was often seen as a virus that only homosexual people contracted. It is now known that unprotected sex with someone who is positive, homosexual or heterosexual, is just one of the ways that someone can contract HIV. Magic felt that he needed to teach young people that safe sex is important and that “anyone can get HIV, even me, Magic Johnson” (2014). In my opinion, Magic used his fame extremely well and helped to make a difference and raise awareness of this illness. Magic used a negative time in his life to make positive change for

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