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“Mortality is a matter of money. Poor people cannot afford to have money, so they have religion.” This quote by Khushwant Singh gives one an idea of Khushwant Singh’s condescending view of religion. Khushwant Singh, the insightful writer that he is, has a deep understanding of the social problems faced by Indians. His forceful, brilliant and passionate writings torment the Indian spirit in contemporary times, constantly prodding the society towards positive introspection and betterment. A deep analysis of his writings proves that the social historian in him has taken interest in these intimate, soul searching studies of life, because in them we find truth, reflected with deep sensitivity and emotions. In a well-known published collection of essays,Khushwant Singh’s India, the special qualities of Singh are described thus, Khushwant Singh has been described as India’s Malcolm Muggerridge. He holds nothing sacred. He enjoys nothing more than dipping his barbed pen in a pot of vitriol and lambasting the establishment, the accepted order of things political, religious and social – and puncturing inflated reputations.”(India, I). Khushwant Singh was a candid author who, without any apprehension of irking the…show more content…
His spirit to give form to his thoughts of eradicating the evils of the society including hypocritical religious sentiments, rituals and traditionsthrough his writings and in the columns of the newspapers can only bear fruit when the masses shed the veil of religion and take the baton from this renowned veteran to create a healthy society devoid of the hypocrisies of religious sentiments and

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