Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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In the novel of Yann Martel “ Life of Pi,” the author uses many animals as symbolic meanings to represent people. Pi’s family managed a zoo in India and decided to emigrate to Canada with some animals which they owned; however, the ship they were boarding suffered shipwreck because of getting caught in a nasty storm. In the accident, only people who survived are Pi as a human and only four animals - a zebra, orangoutang, hyena, and Bengal tiger. From here, Pi’s adventurous journey for whole 227 days begins. As it is clear from his journey, this novel is progressed with a lot of animals appearing surrounding Pi, and it is not only when the journey in going on but also the whole novel is talking about other things. The author uses a lot of animals…show more content…
They think that animals have freedom forever and it is possible for them to do anything they want; however, the notion is actually wrong. According to the story, once animals are captured and caged by humans, their freedom is deprived and they are placed under restraint. This is because humans often want to utilize animals for their sakes such as resources of foods or materials for many things. People themselves who have knowledge that animals are free and happy, actually push them down to the world of non-freedom. However, Pi states that animals may prefer to stay in a zoo, which deprives freedom from them. This is because normally animals in the wild don’t have their home although humans have their home to live. Instead, animals live within their territory. This means that they always feel sense of insecurity since enemies against them might strike anytime and anywhere. Also, in the wild, they have to go to find their food, water, or other materials for their lives. They actually have a lot of work to do if they live in the wild. That is why animals may like staying in a zoo since the zoo can offer animals anything they want such as water, or food, so they don’t need to look for their life resources. Furthermore, there is no enemy in the zoo; the zoo is able to become animals’ home. After all, this fact represents and symbolizes that animals are equal to human beings. They also craves for the same…show more content…
In this novel, animal images are meaningful. Animal is also a theme of the novel, namely, discussion about the animal-human relationship. In the first story of the novel, those animal images are representatives of different human figures or abstract objects.As according to the story, all animals abroad were tightly locked in the under parts of the ship when the accident happened.There was no possibility that someone had the time or reason to unlock the animals, leaving human beings unsecured.Therefore, it was unreasonable for those animals to be on the lifeboat after the shipwreck. In that case, the animal images are metaphors for other things. Some of the animal images, especially Richard Parker, can be regarded as root metaphors that form the underlying image or assumption of the entire

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