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During World War II, the majority men in the United States were drafted into the armed forces. This left women to run the country; women manned everything from factories to baseball teams. Women even created the first computer during this time to aid in accurately dropping bombs. When World War II came to a close, one of the largest population growth spurts occurred: the baby Boom. While the end of World War II brought on the baby Boom, the effects of the baby Boom include suburbanization and the creation of the middle class. The end of World War II marked the beginning of the baby Boom. As soldiers came home, families sprung up all over the place. The crude birth rate rose from 18.5 in the 1930s to more than 25.0 in the 1950s, (Bean 355).…show more content…
The opportunity to grow was given by the cheapening and popularization of the automobile. While cars and the assembly line had both existed before Henry Ford, Ford did apply the assembly line to the manufacturing of the Model-T. While most auto manufacturers in the early 1900s took a long time to manufacture, the Model-T could be built quickly and cheaply. It helped greatly that the Model-T used replaceable parts. Unlike cars that were made by hand, Model-Ts all used the same parts. This made repair much cheaper and easier. The reason why the Model-T was so influential was because it allowed the working class to finally purchase an automobile of their own; they were cheap. As families grew, they wanted more space to themselves. This led to people branching out of cities and into the areas around urban centers (Vesselinov 210). People could still commute to work (Murphy 292), and they also had more room to spread out. Even after the baby Boom mushed people out of cities and into suburbs, Suburbanization continued on. In the 1960s, racial tensions and the international highway system “were popular explanations of decentralization,” (Mieszkowski 135). Decentralization in this case is suburbanization. Due to Human Rights movements and desegregation in schools, racial tensions in the United States were high. Suburbanization subsequently led to the creation and growth of the middle

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