African American Racism: Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Junior And Rosa Parks

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African American Racism If a person were to look at the successes of Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Junior, and Rosa Parks they would see how much they contributed to the United States of America’s achievements. But what stood in their way? What made reaching their goals, goals that changed equality in the world, that much harder? Racism and the horrors that come with it. African Americans have faced and still face many struggles in their life just because of the color of their skin. Many challenges are brought forth in their life because of how history depicted their race, but they persevered. African Americans found ways to combat the indifference put upon them, push past the intolerance and instead promoted acceptance, and then created…show more content…
Prejudice causes intolerance but also promotes acceptance within the community of African Americans through the connections of everyday challenges and something to stand up and fight against. Throughout history, many horrendous and unjust laws have been made against African Americans. Some wrongful laws include: segregation of schools, restrooms, drinking fountains, and work places; being unable to marry a different race, and whites were to sit at the front of the bus, and African Americans, were to sit in the back of the bus. Although these laws were completely discriminatory, a sense of community did form within the African American society. With all these laws placed before them, they were able to form a consolidated populace by having intolerances to fight against. This caused a great sense of community pride, loyalty, and acceptance within the African American community to stay true to their people when no one else…show more content…
With his protests and movements, he caused many laws against African Americans to be discredited and created a better understanding and equality of the African American race. Several discriminatory laws he fought against were: blacks at the back of the bus, segregated restrooms for whites and African Americans, and voting rights. Because of his, and so many others, acts of protest for rights, equality and understanding for the African American race, although not universal, is much more prevalent today. Racism has tarnished the lives of African Americans in history and caused people to fight for their rights and use strength and bravery to push past the intolerance that stood before them. A very unjust way of living was put upon African Americans because of the petty reason of the color of their skin. This caused the African Americans to combat the indifference placed in front of them, fight the intolerance and promote acceptance in their own communities, and finally construct an understanding and equality of their race. This very brave community of people changed the lives of so many with their strength and

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