Julius Caesar Outline

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I. The first mighty and powerful ruler of Rome, was the mighty Caesar, Julius Caesar was his real name. Caesar life at first was hard, his family was poor, and he was taken by pirates which he eventually crucified. Caesar was a military genius, he defeated one of Rome’s worst enemy’s at the time, The Gauls. Caesar also transformed the Roman Republic to and the mighty empire that we know of today. Like all great men though, he died by the hands of his stepson, Augustus Caesar. II. Julius Caesar was born in Rome on the day July 12th 94B.C. Caesar grew up to a poor Roman Family. He traveled a lot when he was very young, visiting relatives and stuff. One day (while he was 16) in 78 B.C while on his way to the Aegean Sea, He was kidnapped the by pirates. The pirates ransomed him for 20 crates of silver at first. Caesar then then convinced the pirates to raise it which they did to 50 crates of silver. When the ransomed was paid off, and soon after, Caesar returned to the pirates with a fleet. Caesar butchered…show more content…
After the events of the pirates (before he slaughtered them all) Caesar joined the military to get revenge on the pirates and to make a name for him himself. After the pirates were crucified, the Roman senate took a notice of his actions and gave him the title of military tribune. After running for the senate for a couple times, Rome was at war the Gauls. The Gauls were a barbarian like people, who lived in France, and Germany at the time. Caesar crushed the Gauls, and conquered their tribes. He was the first Roman General to cross the Rhine River by building a bridge. By the time Caesar had just gotten back from the war with Gauls, Rome was in civil war. Caesar made his allies and took the city of Rome. While Caesar was in the spotlight, he declared Rome would no longer be a republic it would be an Empire. Anyone who opposed Caesar was butchered or crucified. He eventually adopted a son who would be known as the mighty and greatest emperor of Rome,
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