Growing Up At Owl Creek Bridge Summary

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In the midst of the Civil war a man is being sentenced to death. The man was easily convinced by a northern spy that he was “sothern”, and that the southerns needed help at Owl Creek bridge. The man goes to Owl Creek bridge where he wants to help the south but unfortunately the north apprehends him easily. He is going to be hung by the North for trying to assist the South. The Mans name is Peyton farquhar and his house is but 30 miles from Owl Creek bridge(the place where he is being hung). As he is forced to jump off the bridge, he remembers his family. When he hits the end of the rope the rope snaps and the man makes a narrow escape from the North. He walks thirty miles back to his house . Dehydrated and starving he makes it home. As he goes to greet his beautiful wife, the author (Ambrose Bierce) reveals a plot twist and in reality the man is still hung at Owl Creek bridge with a broken neck. Throughout the story the author is telling the reader what Peyton Farquhars before he snaps back to reality and is dead. The author however, may believe this happens to everyone as they die. Ambrose takes the reader though the story starting in the middle, going to the beginning , and ending with the end but in this analysis we will start from the beginning. The author…show more content…
Although the author does this he is meaning something more.He is explaining what you see and hear moments before you actually die. The author explains that you see your most meaningful possession at the time.The author explains one of Peyton Farquhar’s last sights before he snaps back to reality “ah how beautiful she is,”(Bierce pg.404) this happens moments before Peyton completely goes back. The author then takes the reader back to reality by telling the reader that Peyton had been dead throughout the story “ Peyton Farquhar was dead; his body, with a broken neck, hung gently side to side beneath the timbers of owl creek bridge.”(Bierce

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