John Cheever's Short Story 'The Swimmer'

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Elizabeth Dang Professor Puchalski English 103 October 23, 2014 Short Story Paper The story “The Swimmer’ by John Cheever is describing a middle aged man name Ned, and the events he is going through by swimming home in his friends and neighbors pool. In this short story i will be describing how different pools represent the different journeys in Ned’s life , different mental stages, delusion, changes in weather, alcoholism, and losing respect from his friends and family. Ned is described as a youthful, happy, athletic individual. Ned is at a friends pool party in mid summer when he decided to swim home. When Ned, walks to Graham’s pool he had a drink than he swam to Bunker’s pool had another drink and finally Levy’s pool. “The Levy’s was not home but Ned still helped himself at their pool with a drink” (para. 2). When a storm hit Ned decided to wait it out at the Levy’s pool and thats when he saw a red and yellow leave scattered all over the lawn. When the storm died down Ned decided to head to the Welcher’s pool. “On the way he saw Lindley’s horse riding has overgrown” (para. 3). He does not remember if the Lindley’s had gone away for the summer. Ned than heads to the Welcher’s. “Their pool was empty and there was a for sale sign in front of their home” (para. 3). Ned is trying to recall the last time he talked to the Welcher’s and…show more content…
“Biswanger usually invite Ned and his wife Lucinda over for dinner but they refuse because the Biswanger’s are a lower social standing” (para. 6). There is a party going on at the Biswanger’s but they treated Ned very coldly. Ned than swims across the pool to Shirley Adam’s pool. Shirley is Ned’s mistress. “Ned does not remember when the affair ended but Shirley told Ned that she is not lending him anymore money and that she will not give him a drink since someone is in the house” (para. 7). Ned Than swims across the pool but Ned had trouble getting out so he had to use a

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