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Film Analysis: For The Bible Tells Me So For my film analysis I did the film “For The Bible Tells Me So” by Daniel Karslake. The film focuses on the conflict between homosexuality and Christianity and the analysing of several Bible verses about homosexuality. The film attempts to alter the minds of homophobics by using facts, science and several interviews with Christians who also have gay children. The interviews are done with five American, very Christian families and “how they handle the realization of having a gay child” (Karslake, 2007.) The film looks at both the understanding of the church and the suggestion that there can only be one sexuality, heterosexuality, and that all others are sins in the eye of God. Christian’s understood…show more content…
The film includes several interview clips where people are suggesting that in the Bible, homosexuality is seen as an abomination. The film does an excellent job at pushing this theory. They explain that the definition for abomination is a violation of rituals or social norms. Therefore since the ritual of sex is to procreate then yes it is true that homosexuality is an abomination however nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that an abomination is anything more than different let alone a negative thing. It also provides examples of the Bible’s versus before and after this one that state things such as eating shrimp is an abomination or that planting two seeds in one hole is an abomination. The film is providing excellent examples that the Bible was written in a much different culture, time and context and as stated in the film we all read and understand the passages differently depending on our race, gender, culture or sexual orientation and that there is a very big difference between what the Bible says and how people read…show more content…
While the film never directly discusses the legalization of same sex marriage it is easily connected to our discussion that same sex marriage doesn’t necessarily solve the bigger picture. Interviewing five normal Christian families can’t change every body’s opinions on homosexuality but the interviews and the films are defiantly a step in the right direction. Following week four, in week five we had a discussion about obscenity. It connects to our discussion in class about what counts as sex, and this idea of not being able to describe obscenity but knowing it when you see it. It’s so closely related because were arguing that homosexual sex, is still sex. It isn’t obscene and that quote “I can’t define it I just know it when I see it” really reminds me of the parts of the film where it discussed that most Christians don’t read the bible. So they don’t know exactly what the bible says about homosexuality but they know it doesn’t approve of it. Why? Because people tell them it doesn’t. It ties in well also with the function of obscenity and using it as a way to say something about what is not just socially normal but also what is considered moral and immoral behaviours. Using the Bible is a way of controlling certain behaviours and creates these

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