Tom Sawyer: The Injun Joe Conspiracy

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Injun Joe Conspiracy Most of us have either known of or have heard of Mark Twain’s awe-inspiring novel regarding The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but do you really know the crucial details of this story and in particular, Injun Joe’s motives? After Injun Joe had murdered a man, lied and blamed it on someone innocent, passed out from drunkenness, and attempted to attack a widow, Tom Sawyer still felt pity for this greedy and vindictive man, but why? Why did Injun Joe get away with all of this without being killed by another man, but instead he meets his fate by suffering in a literal dark position, but would this be considered the consequence of his prior actions? Tom and Huck are in the middle of all the drama…show more content…
Let’s look from a different perspective and think outside the box to decipher what was really going on in this story and how minor choices can make drastic changes that affect each and every character in this book. Tom and Huck experience vast endangerments throughout the story caused by wonder and imagination of their two young minds, but when they end up in mature situations, it is time for these kids to mature along with them. This all started when Huck retained a foolish idea of going to the graveyard around midnight to leave a dead cat at Hoss William’s grave to get rid of warts. Tom offered to tag along with this soon-to-be disastrous plan that very night so he could have in on the mystery and delight Huckleberry Finn. So when they got to the graveyard that night, the two boys stayed about 10 feet away from Williams’ grave waiting for twelve o'clock to come. The plot shifts when they see three men approach in the distance and thought they were devils, but Huck realizes that they are indeed humans. Tom and Huck analyze their voices one by one, first the kind, but drunken Muff Potter, next the cruel Injun Joe and lastly the young Dr. Robinson. The perception of Injun…show more content…
After what seems like hours, Huck sees Tom running out and they both run for their lives, Tom explains that he found Injun Joe on the floor passed out from drunkenness. Afterwards they discus their strategy which takes place on a different night because Huck promises to keep watch of the tavern so they can see what Injun Joe is up to. When Huck hears talking a couple nights later, he figures out that Injun Joe and his comrade has a plan too. Huck knows it might end up for the worst, but he ends up following them until they reach the widow’s house. Joe has a cruel plan to attack the widow to get revenge on her late husband but his accomplice disagrees with this because it is not necessary. Hearing all this, Huck runs over to the Welshman’s house to warn them of what Joe is going to do to the poor widow next door, without giving away Injun Joe’s name. The Welshman runs out with his boys and their guns to scare the culprits away just in time before Injun Joe could do anything. The

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