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With the accepted definition of beauty as something that is “aesthetically pleasing to the eye,” every single person in our world should be considered beautiful in one way or another. After all, aesthetic senses alone are subjective, and no one person has the right to define who is beautiful, and who is not. Or do they? Our society tell us otherwise. While propaganda is often associated with societies unlike our own, we are actually constantly in the proximity of propaganda. This is particularly true when it comes to the concept of beauty. It is offered to us through product advertisements, reality TV shows, and icons telling us who is and who is not beautiful. And while some may aim to promote the inclusion of others in their definition…show more content…
In the media, we find that almost all people are portrayed as able-bodied, with the rare exception of “that disabled kid” who’s only defining feature is their disability. With this lack of representation, it is no surprise that disabled people are often left out of the conversation when beauty is being discussed. This discussion could occur in social media, work places, and at my very own family dinners. When beauty is mentioned in my household, one cousin is brought up often. Although she is not blonde nor white, in Japan she is the standard beauty. As a competitive ballerina, she is tall, skinny, and has many physical features that are deemed attractive. Her younger sister, Saya, always compliments her for these features, idolizing the beauty that she believes she is not. Saya is cognitively disabled. She is also a little larger than most girls her age, and does not have the features that are promoted in the Japanese media. She is not society’s modern day Aphrodite, not even to herself. Despite this, I have showered with many compliments. Unfortunately, she has never accepted these compliments, and instead always laughs it off by saying that the beautiful one is her

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