Summary Of The Beauty Myth By Naomi Wolf

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The Beauty Myth written by Naomi Wolf is a book about how the beauty myth is not in fact about women, and their ideas of beauty, but about the power men hold over them in society. Naomi Wolf, born in 1962, is an author, and journalist. Wolf is known for covering controversial topics. The Beauty Myth is known as Wolf’s debut, she has also written Promiscuities, Misconceptions, Give Me Liberty, and Vagina: A New Biography. Wolf has very known stand points on the ideas of abortion, pornography, and women in Islamic countries. In the book I will be reviewing, Naomi Wolf argues that, “beauty as a normative value is entirely socially constructed, and that the patriarchy determines the content” (Anonymous, 2015). The book gives a good idea of what…show more content…
She tells how the beauty myth is prominent in work because the “American Dream is that beauty can be earned by any women through hard work and enterprise, that beauty is money, and that it legitimizes employment discrimination against women. The myth is prominent in culture by giving the idea that you can either have looks, or smarts, not both. Magazines are largely targeted for containing the beauty myth, Wolf tell show magazines have affected many of the significant changes in women’s history by adjusting the way women look, and that magazines intensify our own dilemma of beauty by making the reader think authors want what is best for them. The myth is placed in religion by telling how depending upon religion can relate to how well you follow your practiced…show more content…
The concept that women adhere to standards which are hand-picked by men at first made total sense to me. The ideas that women must be thin, happy, well composed, and effortlessly flawless. Those ideas have corrupted so many women, there are women doing whatever it takes to meet these set standards. Wolf talks about how eating disorders have reached a high. The need to meet beauty standards can hurt women’s confidence, and mental and physical health. I do however in my own world, see how there has been a change. Women are now finding reasons to beautiful for only themselves, and not in order to please anyone else but

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