Art Analysis: The Barbie And The Woman

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Word count: 1056 The “Barbie and the Woman” is a picture of a naked woman who is holding a Barbie. The woman has plastic surgery sharpie marks all over her to thin out her entire body and she has a focused look toward the audience. Her hair is plainly done and she is holding the Barbie by the legs so you can see the whole figure of the doll. The plastic surgery lines show a smaller neck, which would impair any real woman and waist that wouldn’t even work on a human being. This picture explains that Barbie’s sizes are unrealistic and how one’s culture can change the meaning of beauty. The colors in the background are neutral on top to darker on the bottom. These colors are used to draw more attention to Barbie and the woman. Also, neutral…show more content…
This means that women are supposed to act in a certain way. Many women are taught at a young age that they need to act a certain way around their friends, family, and men. Women are also portrayed in stories as monsters when they don’t follow the norm. In this picture the women is being criticized because she has a bigger frame than Barbie. She is going outside the norm and for this, women tend to ostracized. Culture creates these boarders to make women feel less empowered. Our culture wants women to believe they should live in the norm and follow rules put into place for them or they are treated differently. But this picture is showing our society that it impossible to fit the stereotype of a perfect woman. Society wants to put these women in categories but they do not fall into a box. This is what makes people scared. Men were scared to let women vote, or even have a good job in the work force because of power. Men want to put women into box and do not want women to express themselves because when women do express themselves they become something reimaged. Once women decide not to fit in a box anymore or be labeled they will rebel and they will

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