Disney Gender Roles

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Good afternoon name is Paulina Madrid, and today I will be presenting my Further Oral Task for the International baccalaureate. I will be a critic analysing language and gender roles in the Disney movie Beauty and The Beast. Additionally to explaining how language and meaning are shaped by culture context. Disneys movies are a reflection of societal norms and beliefs. There's an evident misogynistic reign being manifested in the different characters of Beauty and The Beast. Women and men's gender roles are strictly set. As women are limited to being portrayed as beautiful and helpless damsel in distress. Therefore men are valued for being overly masculine. Through the characters language the audience can see this gender roles unravel. Beauty…show more content…
The iconic 1950`s model Marilyn Monroe would be consider fat, and be replaced by 50 kilogram models like Kate Moss. Magazines and media have created a unrealistic expectations of women, making them overly conscious about their appearance (Grant). During this decade, cosmetic surgery would become one of the most profitable industries. Women are valued in society for being visually appealing instead of their intellectual merit. Women's beauty standards are translated into the main character of Belle in The Beauty and The Beast. Belle has fair skin, long hair, delicate hands, big eyes, and hourglass body. The community comments, “Now it's no wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel. But behind that fair fasot, I'm afraid she's rather odd, very different from the rest of us.” Everyone in the village is dazzled by her beauty, but they do not approve of her passion for reading arguing, “She is peculiar, its a pitty and a sin, she does not quite fit in, but she is really pretty.” Reading in that conventional community was a sin for girl with such perfect physique. The villagers focus on her appearance instead of her acumen, reinforcing gender stereotypes and the importance of beauty. The article Are…show more content…
While being condemned for demonstrating vulnerability, or feminine features. During the 90`s “Anti-Gay Politics” were very popular, gay marriage was illegal, and many American shared a “homophobic epidemic”. This resulted in men feeling the necessity to prove their masculinity. In the movie Beauty and The Beast, Gaston represents the stereotypical muscular male with underdeveloped frontal lobe. Regardless of his lack of intellect he is still the most respected and admired person in town. All the girls in town are drooling over him, saying, “Look there he goes isn't he dreamy? he steals my heart i'm hardly breathing, he is so gentle, but strong and handsome.” The blonde girls superficially talk about boys, and are consumed by the thought of Gaston paying the minimal amount of attention to them. They consequently criticize Belle by saying, “What's wrong with her she's crazy. He is gorgeous.” Belle rejecting the godly Gaston is such a bizarre act that she is slandered by the “normal” girls of the town. Demonstrating that in order to fit in “girl talk” should be exclusively about cute boys. Certain activities are also believed to be male oriented including drinking, fighting, and hunting. The article, The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty, explains, To many men, the lean-yet-jacked look has become de rigueur – the ne plus ultra of masculinity.Of course, it’s hard not

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