Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power Plant

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The increase in household and commercial energy users, drives the quest for an efficient power source. Nuclear power plants have been discovered to be a viable energy source that might supply energy for the long run. Nuclear power is said to be cheap, safe, and environmental-friendly. These ideas release attractive forces that pull the people to the idea of converting the Philippines to a nuclear country. But people were led astray to these ideas without knowing what is the real deal behind this losing proposition. Nuclear power has long been proven to be expensive, risky, and a threat to the environment. First, what does going nuclear really cost? Let us start where it all begin, the construction cost. All over the world, the actual cost for building a nuclear power plant is constantly far beyond the estimated cost. In Finland, for instance, nuclear power plant construction reached almost 100 % due to unexpected problems and delays (Davis, 2012). Even our only nuclear power plant in the Philippines, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), experienced over budgeting. From USD 888.3 million, the price tag jumped drastically to USD 1.9 billion, which is a percent increase of more than 100 % of the estimated cost (Dayrit, 1985). However, the construction cost of nuclear power plant is just one part of the equation. There are still other…show more content…
Nuclear power plants pose great risks to people’s health and the environment. Radiation leaks can cause DNA alterations to millions of people which may lead to cancer, different genetic mutations, and in worst case scenario, death. Nuclear waste disposal can cause great environmental problems and there is still no clear progress made regarding this matter. Until now, there are still no final depositories for thousand tons of nuclear wastes accumulated all over the world (Wurzbacker, 2009). Improper disposal of these wastes can contaminate the environment and pose great health

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