Character Analysis Of Rosa Parks

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To begin, Rosa Parks was loyal to her people, courageous, and courteous. During her purposeful life, Rosa parks confronted many challenges. In some ways her traits assisted her, but in occasional situations they failed her. Each character trait played a role in her actions and hardships. In countless moments ,Rosa used her millions of quirks to her advantage. First , Rosa was loyal to her people. When she labored for the NAACP, she worked diligently and put in many sleepless hours to become a secretary, trained leader, and then a youth council. Not only that, but her devotion allowed her to tap into her courage and integrity. When she put her strong mind to something that needed to be done, she did it. It also was a disadvantage; because…show more content…
Even before she refused to stand, she had once before refused to go out the back of the bus door. Through everything that occured, she was courteous, but all the same courageous. Just imagine the bravery of knowing the police are coming to take you away and all you have to do to stop it is stand, but Rosa did nothing. Wow! Nothing put up such a roar! Literally, she did nothing. Her courage and strength allowed her to not think of the future, instead it put her mindset in the present. The only flaw is her courage was absent as a child. In my opinion, because children have a smaller thought process and don’t usually think before they do something, she should have stood even taller as a kid. At a young age, she allowed segregation to make her walk to school and go to a tiny one room schoolhouse. Children shouldn’t have had to witness the faults that were in their generation. Usually, children aren’t expected to change the world, but why…show more content…
Take her place for just a minute. You hear the sirens and then a stalky pale officer crawls out of his little car. His slick blonde hair is combed back like a plain of wheat on a windy day disappearing over the horizon. It is raining out, so you can hear the pitter patter of the droplets taunting you to run. His shiny jet black boots, probably shined by the hand of a poor black man who he felt no pity on, clack heavily; staring at you like daggers when they hit the pavement. You can smell a concoction of rain, stinky body odor, coffee, and way too much Hollister cologne. He steps onto the creaky stairs of the bus, which let out a little warning hiss. He is now right in front of you. You know that as skinny as he is you could probably throw a fist and run, but something keeps you from it. He gently grabs your bags and you see know reason to fight. This is what you came here for; you need to follow through. You stand, carrying yourself in such a way that says, “I am strong, courageous, wise, and nothing will stand in my way. This is what I see going through her gentle mind. She was hurting, channeling the pain, and thinking of her people, but still she stood up for the sake of peace. She fought, but at the same time she put up no fight at all. I can’t quite wrap my head around this. If she was there to stand up for herself and fight, why did she so willingly

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