Lower Back Pain Case Study

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Seven Stretches in Seven Minutes, for Complete Lower Back Pain Relief Overview Lower back pain emerges as result of various problems. The problem can be with connection to any of the complex interconnected network of spinal muscles, nerves, bone discs or tendons. These are in connection with the lumbar spine. Lower Back Pain Cause Highlights A few of the typical cause of low back pains are: large nerve roots in the low back, straining of the paired low back muscles, damage of bones, ligaments or joints, and degeneration of intervertebral disc. A problem resulting from any of the mentioned, leads to lower back pain. The defect being common, its symptoms and severity greatly varies. Young adults, 30-60 years of age, are more likely to undergo…show more content…
Lumbar nerves are irritated by mechanical pressure, disease. These conditions give forth to nerve inflammation, as a result of viral infection. Lumbar radiculopathy, a nerve irritation resulting from damage of discs between the vertebrae. Disc damage is mostly as a result of degeneration of the outer ring, traumatic injury or both. The damage causes rupture of the central softer portion of the disc. Hence pain of herniated disc, arising from low back. The pain is preceded by aching, popping sensation, numbness and tingling. The pain, increase with waist movements, coughing and sneezing. Though, in severe cases, it’s accompanied by incontinence of the bladder or…show more content…
Bend the right knee into the chest, and place a strap or rolled up towel around the foot’s ball. Then the leg is straightened toward the ceiling. And press out through both heels. When the lower back feels strained, bend the left knee and place the foot on the ground. A person is supposed to hold for 3-5 minutes. Two Knee Twist A person lies on his or her back. Bend the knee to the chest and bring the arms out, at a T. As a person exhales, he or she lowers the knee to the ground on right. Both shoulders should be kept pressing down firmly. If the left shoulder rises, then a person lowers the knees further, away from the right arm. On each of the side, a person holds for 1-2 minutes. Sphinx A person lies on stomach, and props up the forearms. Alignment of the elbows is directly under the shoulders. The person then presses firmly the palms and top of feet on to the ground. Press forward the public bone, till a sensation occurs in the lower back. Breathe through the sensation. Thereby, allowing the flow of blood into the area for healing. One holds for 1-3 minutes.

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