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Awakenings 1990 1. Awakenings 1990: Physician-Patient Relationship Chelsea Mae M. Reyes De La Salle Health Sciences Institute October 2015 Awakenings 1990: Physician-Patient Relationship 2. The story of Awakenings, a film directed by Penny Marshall and released in 1990, follows the story of Dr. Malcolm Sayer (Robin Williams) as he interacts with catatonic patients infected by an epidemic of viral encephalitis earlier in life. Dr. Sayer (Robin Williams), a neurologist at the Bainbridge hospital. Dr. Sayer is also an absent-minded person who does not get on with other people and has no family of his own. The film particularly follows the interactions and developing…show more content…
Sayer is making an effort just to make this disease cure. This physician know that all of the patient that has this disease can be back to their lives and live normally. In addition, According to María Isabel Jiménez Serranía, (2007) “The stance of the physician seeking to cure the patient, and the personal satisfaction derived from achieving this, is altered when Dr. Sayer becomes obsessed with the idea that the experimental treatment has to be successful and he increases the dose without taking into account the side effects.” This doctor-patient relationship failed when Leonard Lowe get a favor to Dr. Sayer, But physician failed to accept the favor, it’s for the sake of the patients. Dr. Sayer trying his best to guide his patient eventhough they not in good relationship. In the film, no attempts are made to address the etiology of this anomalous illness. Simply the data on examinations of atypical schizophrenia. Additionally, disturbance for the circumstance reports are given. Then again, examination is a basic part of the examination when Dr. Sayer finds as a run of the mill join that all patients had officially contracted. As requirements, the authority adds to a phenomenal leisure activity in expanding further comprehension into the disease and uncovering it in his patients for a right finding. (María Isabel Jiménez Serranía,…show more content…
too much L-dopa can result in schizophrenia. This explains why Leonard experienced those new symptopms.” . (Jazlizzle, Sacramento, n.d.). Dr. Sayer tries not to let this become a problem and does follow the correct behaviour in the sense of admitting his failures and making the patient understand the limits of medical possibilities and responsibility. This does not prevent the search for other treatments and possible strategies aimed at making the illness more bearable, and an example of this is when, at the end of the film, we learn that alternative treatments were actually tested

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