Evaluate The Ethics Of Mr. Garbo's Employing Amber?

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IBM20400 International Human Resource Management Assignment 2 Question 1 (25%) From an ethical standpoint, how would you evaluate the merits of Mr. Garbo’s employing Amber? Discuss. Mr. Garbo should not have been pressured by Mr. Davis to hire his daughter, Amber. The employment of a “friend’s” son or daughter may or may not be a good business practice. If Amber had been competent, mature, ambitious, energetic, and wanted to learn the business, then Mr. Garbo would have made a good decision. However, Amber did not possess these characteristics, and so Mr. Garbo’s decision was based solely on his business relationship with Mr. Davis. Obviously, employment decisions should be based on business or professional judgment and not on personal relationships. Finally, it was unethical of Mr. Davis to have pressured Mr. Garbo to hire Amber. Ethically those who are in decision maker's position should act and behave in the interest of the organization where they work. They should not use their power to achieve their personnel targets and objectives. What Allen did is use his authority to recruit his daughter in other company where there is business relation with this company from where many of his firm supplies from this company, and in the same time the president of this company ( Garbo ) is his friend. So…show more content…
There is no indication that he even went to the trouble of confronting Mr. Frederick before taking action to protect his brother-in-law, Tom. Just a minimal concern for integrity would have caused him to do that. It is possible that Mr. Frederick would have disclaimed any desire to have Tom given preferential treatment. This is just one example of a situation in which being ethical might have costs. In fact, no ethical question is involved unless there are costs associated with it. Whether Mr. Frederick wanted him to or not, the regional human resource manager should have stayed out of this

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