Vivien Brose Short Story

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All kinds of living creatures have to make choices in their lives, and sometimes it’s hard for them to make their decisions. Vivien Brose is an annoying person in her town, or even in the world, but she is the most careful out of them all. Due to her careful decisions, she always have difficulties deciding things. Ever since Vivien was a baby, it would take her forever to decide on which doll she wanted to sleep and play with. Not only that, she would even take time to decide on what she wanted to do or who she wanted to play with. It just got worse as Vivien got older. In nineteen-eighty-eight when Vivien was four, she once had a playdate with her friend Albine. The room was warm with the gracious sunshine, and children’s joyful sounds were…show more content…
“Who are you going to be Vivien?” She looked at her friend. “Um. I am thinking of being this Elsa Barbie doll, but I also want to be Princess Belle” Vivien said quietly, but her friend didn’t hear. “I don’t know who I want to be.” “Okay, we are ready to play! I will be Belle, and you will be Elsa.” Something like this would always happen to Vivien whenever she was with someone or not. She could never make a decision and would end up being made by others. When she was ten years old, she won a little quiz competition at school and won candy for a…show more content…
Should I get the nerds or a pack of gum?” “Come on Vivien, hurry up. We don’t have time, so you can just get both of them.” Vivien’s teacher rushed as school was over and everyone was getting ready to go home. “But I haven’t decided on which candy I want.” It got harder and harder for Vivien to make a judgment as she grew older. When she was young, she didn’t have any hard decisions to make, but as she grew more hard things needed severe thinking. Many years have passed, and Vivien was a tenth grader. She still couldn’t fix her habit of not being able to decide on things even though it has been more than ten years since she had a problem with making a judgement quick. That day, she was talking to her friend about what they should do for their volunteer work for the Duke of Edinburgh award. “Have you ever thought of what you are going to do for service, Vivien?” “I haven’t decided yet, but I was thinking about doing either work at a dog shelter or giving food to

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