John Rockefeller Historical Analysis

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Historical Figures: Gas Pump - John D. Rockefeller - Was one of the most wealthiest men in the world and was a philanthropist. During the 19th and early 20th century, John Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Co. which produced 90% to 95% of oil in the United States. He also controlled 90% of the United States refinery and pipelines. During his last years he donated a lot of money to education, religious, and scientific programs. Monopoly - In the U.S. and some other countries Rockefeller’s company got a monopoly in oil refinery and became a powerful influence on the transportation and oil businesses. He was one of some robber barons that bought many companies out and had people working for low wages and in unsafe conditions. Teddy Bear…show more content…
He also helped to create laws that protected and gave safety to the American people and laborers. He founded the progressive party, and was the face of the progressive movement. By breaking up monopolies such as Standard Oil, he made many more jobs available to the workers of America, lowered prices, and raised…show more content…
The building of this railroad was done by the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific. The process was started in 1863 one was started in Sacramento, California and another was started in Omaha, Nebraska. The railroad was finished on May 10, 1869. Once done the railroad was used for business but also leisure traveling. Factories - Growth of Industries - The transcontinental railroad gave a rise to industries and more job opportunities. It made traveling easier. People had a way of doing business and partnerships. It also made the cost of moving products less. Gold Coins - Pikes Peak gold rush in 1858. The gold rush attracted around 50,000 people. The saying: “Pike’s Peak or Bust” was often used by miners and families coming to Denver at this time. The rush ended on February 28, 1861. Around 100,000 people in total came to Colorado for the gold rush. Tent (Camping Tents) - Denver was founded during the Pike’s Peak gold rush. When a gold rush happened in this time, towns and cities were often made in these places. It was originally a “hardscrabble” mining camp that was close to the railroad. During this time the area was western Kansas

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