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Analysis of colonialism, ethnocentrism and romanticism aspects of Avatar Avatar is a science-fiction film set in 2154 about a crippled former marine, Jake Sully, and his experience as an Avatar in the planet Pandora. (IMDb, 2013) An avatar is a genetically modified being of a Na’vi, who are indigenous humanoids native to Pandora, and humans. (filmjabber, 2009) This essay discussed three themes in the film Avatar: colonialism, ethnocentrism and romanticism. Colonialism is a “forced change in which one culture, society, or nation dominates another” (Oregon State University, 2012), which is portrayed in this film by the Resource Development Administration (RDA) and the military’s plan to extort an extremely valuable mineral “unobtanium”, a form of energy, from Pandora which is controlled by the Na’vi. Parker Selfridge, head of RDA, mentioned to Doctor Grace Augustine when she confronts him that “unobtanium” was craved by the humans as it was expensive, selling for 20 billion dollars per kilogram, and also because it could “bring cheap power back to a dying Earth”. (IMDb, 2013) We also know that Selfridge’s plan was to have Grace’s team infiltrate the Na’vi clan to earn their cooperation. And when it failed,…show more content…
Amongst the beliefs of the Na’vi include the “Na’vi-forest connection” which is that “all energy is borrowed and one day we have to give it back”. This is further emphasised in the scene where Sully kills a prey and says: “your spirit will now be with Eywa, but your body will remain for The People.” The Na’vi is recognised as “at one with nature” by the humans from their technology-free lives and their harmony with nature. They are also very intimate with each other and rely heavily on their faith that Mother Nature would provide for them and protect them despite all odds. This contrasts strongly with humans and their greed for power and

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