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Avatar: Jake Sully In the film Avatar, Jake becomes someone new when he stands up against the Resource Development Administration and attacks the bulldozer sent to destroy a sacred Na’vi sight. To Neytiri and the Na’vi tribe, the forest held the life of their ancestors in the branches. I believe this scene was when Jake finally takes the first step into becoming someone new. He forgets his mission set by the humans and acts as a Na’vi trying to defend the precious life that the forest holds. What makes him someone new at this point is that he no longer holds the values of just a marine, but now realizes the interconnection of life that Neytiri has shown him on Pandora. Up into this point in the film, Jake Sully had little appreciation for life.…show more content…
Out of all the people in his life, his twin should be the one whose death he should be most devastating. However Jake takes the death of his brother like it was just another from his days as a marine. He even ends up accepting a job as his brother’s replacement on the mission to Pandora. I believe the film makers tried to make this a key point, not only so that Jake could take on his brother’s avatar, but also to show the character development Jake undergoes throughout the movie. Jake’s appreciation of life begins to change almost in the first moments on Pandora. When he is given the new body, you can see how differently he begins to view the world around him. Cinematically, everything around him becomes brighter and clear, full of vibrant color and sounds. He can’t help but begin to run around and try out this blue toy he’s been given. Jake still doesn’t understand the full importance his avatar body has given him, until he goes on his first mission out with Grace and Norm. While acting as their bodyguard out on the field, he gets separated when attacked by the thanator. Later that night he is rescued by Neytiri, and he is amazed by the skill she demonstrates when killing the wild dogs. But Neytiri is angered by

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