Avatar Argumentative Essay

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The Infinity is one of a kind, the creation driven by the need to survive. Before the universal alliance broke apart, scientists came together, the greatest minds of their time struggling to find something that would give them hope. And they did once one of their ships brought back one of the aliens alive. Its body became the bases for something more, using the DNA and technology they had the scientist began to dabble were god only had. The fighters were told to bring back every bit of tech they could from the enemy. It was from here they were able to gather information that led to something they had never thought possible. They realized that the aliens were using their bodies as parts. Human minds linked to massive ships as nothing more than a processor. The ships themselves contained nanights and a malleable metal that could be self-repaired in the field. Scientists took this technology and expanded on it in their own way. Instead of limiting the programing they linked a growing learning mind to it. To do that thought they needed the mind alive not just some processor hooked up to the ship. And this is where the creation of Avatar came in, a genetically altered human; the DNA of the avatar was manipulated in ways they have yet to replicate ever since.…show more content…
It is known that woman can handle more pain, processes thoughts faster, think in a way more conducive to what they were trying to do. And it seemed the female DNA they were harvesting was more capable of binding together and allowing the first signs of life to take

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