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Places in time gain profound significance as they become part an individual's life. Memories of joy, change, or sadness connect our hearts to the places we love. In “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White, White describes revisiting the lake he visited every summer with his father. I too went on a new adventure during the summer of my freshman year of high school. It was during this particular summer that I really found myself. A few weeks of the burning summer and time spent with my amazing brother is all it took. “Mom, I’m not sure that I want to go.” I had been debating for weeks on whether or not I would go to Utah to stay with my brother over the summer. My mother countered, “I think you should, and you would have so much fun!” I knew she was right. I loved Spencer and his little family but I had never left home to be (at least partially) on my own. After some contemplation on the idea, I felt that spending some time away would do me a lot of good. Two suitcases later; I packed and was…show more content…
He lived in a rented basement and despite the small living space, there was a beautiful yard; complete with a garden, gazebo, porch swing, and a vast stretch of luscious green grass. We spent countless hours outside in the garden. Snakes-and-ladders, a game of tossing two golf balls, connected by a string, onto a ladder made of of PVC pipe, became on our favorite games to play together. Once it was dark outside, we would light a fire in the middle of the garden. The mesmerizing flames flickered back and forth over the wood as we talked and ate our charred s’mores. The gazebo had a small chandelier and a lining of lights around the outer edge that illuminated the yard. When the fireworks began to go off we went to the roof to watch as each of them exploded into different patterns. Every day was remarkably perfect; as if one day I would wake up and it would all be a

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