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Farjana Akter Akter 1 Group: Diamond Pro: John Remarek Titanic Movie Titanic is an epic romance film, which also contains certain historical and authentic aspects of the time it narrated. Titanic is a movie directed by James Cameron, which was released in 1997. The Oscar winning film depicts the fatal sinking of the titanic while also telling is a great love story and it is very emotional. Titanic movie is a real love story so, it has some important information about Titanic, girl love who was lower class, in titanic…show more content…
In the movie the main characters Jack and Rose. The Titanic ship stated journey was from Southampton to New York was a girl love a boy who named Jack. He was lower class families and he get cricks by win a game. Jack was poor families but he was a skilled artist, and he able to draw nice picture. Also he was good swimmer. When Rose in back of ship while she was trying to jump from the ship, Jack tries to stop her. Jack told her don’t do it and says take my hand but she don’t want that. Again jack says just give me your hand. Also he says I am a good swimmer. Rose says fall alone kill you. Jack says about water because he knows water so cold. Rose’s mother forced marry with a rich man named Cal Hockley, but she doesn’t like the man that’s why she trying to jump from ship. When Cal see that Jack has saves Rose and then he invites Jack to the dinner. Here Jack and Rose become good friends and then they joined a party in the third class quarter of the ship. When Cal knows that they makes relationships he very concerned about their relationship and he forbid to see each other. Rose’s mother doesn’t like Jack because of he was a poor. Moreover, Rose doesn’t care about Cal and her mother because she really love Jack and then when Cal see that there is no option. When see that Jack to draw her naked picture “Heart of the ocean” which is a diamond necklace. Then Cal was very angry with them and he…show more content…
The ship collides with an iceberg and starts to sink. The guests were split different classes. Like, first second and third class and the higher classes had advantage when it came to boarding lifeboats they get chance to first for board but, the second and third class people they didn’t had this chance. There was another thing that children was going first and then women. As a result, second and third class people die because in lifeboats only carried 1,178 people. Rose found Jack in a flooding room and then she saves Jack. When the ship is nearly sunk Jack and Cal persuade Rose to board a lifeboat but Rose doesn’t want to leave without Jack. There is also important thing that another ship warnings they saw iceberg but they didn’t attention. The ship was going too fast and also night time people cannot see iceberg that is one of the reason. Also in the ship doesn’t has enough board Rose and her family when going she jumped back onto the ship and stayed with Jack. In that time Cal become angered and he handgun kill them. But jack and Rose escaped when Cal run out of bullets could not keep up with them. Because was very upset for Jack and came back again for Jack but Cal doesn’t like that and he shoot them. And then Rose and Jack going far away from Cal. Cal tells lei that he took one child and he told them this is my child without he child don’t have anyone

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