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We can see through Jake’s actions in the start of the film the greed and lack of concern of the environment that humans convey. For example In the start of the film, as an ex-marine, Jake is completely supportive of the colonel with getting rid of the Na’vi. He also works with the colonel as he wants to get the use of his legs back, as he is a paraplegic. All they want is the unobtanium, not caring about what happens to the rest of the world. He agrees to help the colonel in finding any weaknesses in the Na’vi. Hometree is the the Na’vi’s home and has quite a formidable size. A low angle shot of the tree makes it look loom over Jake giving vibes as if the tree can not be taken down. But there is a closeup shot of Jake looking at Hometree’s structure to get information for the Colonel and find a way to destroy the tree. There is a scene where Jake show the…show more content…
It shows how the “Sky People” are getting less patient with Jake to earn the trust of the Na’vi and get the Navi out of Hometree. The Colonel also starts to get the urge just to destroy. Showing this is happening, Jake is getting use to the way of the Na’vi and this is shown in a series of scenes of Jake learning and moving through stages with Neytiri. This includes Establishing Long shots of Jake learning the language, a middle shot of Jake connecting with the horse and a Mid shot of Jake saying the words of the Omaticaya over the carcass of the slain animal. They show respect for the animal, the ways of life and the spirit in all things. When Jake learns of the threat that he humans are going to destroy Hometree, he tames the Leonopteryx, gaining the trust of the Na’vi people. There is then a montage of him going and collecting the support of the other tribes to fight against the humans. This shows how much he is now accepted with the natives of

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